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Live Love Soul: A Soul’s Guide to Happy

Live Love Soul: A Soul’s Guide to Happy,

Midewest Book Review

LIVE LOVE SOUL “A Soul’s Guide to Happy” out September 25th, 2015 published by AYNI BOOKS

invites you to explore habits and exercises that can help you discover your own inner joy. Machel shares personal interviews with successful individuals who are achieving their soul’s dream. Find out what their secrets are and how you can apply their advice to empower your own journey. This book is dedicated to helping the reader cultivate real self-love, release negative thought patterns, and to live a more balanced, exciting life. Get ready to take the journey within and discover what makes your soul happy.


LIVE LOVE SOUL, Machel’s second book, was named by “Small Press Watch” for 2016 by The MIDWEST REVIEW – “If you only buy one self-help book in 2016, make it Machel Shull’s LIVE LOVE SOUL.”
HAPPY SOUL hit the hot new releases Internationally in the UK and in the US in the first week it was released in November 2016.

Some say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” With Machel, what you’ll find is that what’s soul deep on the inside is just as beautiful as the cover. Read on and see for yourself. And most importantly, let Machel inspire you to reach inward to be the superhero of your own story. ~ Michiko Jane Rolek,

International Bestselling Amazon Author, Machel Shull

author, teacher, lecturer and life coach

Machel’s beautiful, honest and easy-to-use guide shows you exact steps to infuse happiness into your daily life. Machel proves you don’t have to go to India and sit on a mountaintop somewhere to find your bliss. You can find it right here, right now. Her book is an invaluable resource for women ready to reclaim their happy! (Rosemond Perdue Cranner, Former Entertainment Executive, Producer of Web Content The Discovery Channel, HGTV, MTV and Animal Planet)

Machel has written a very liberating book which acts as a roadmap for tapping into the wellspring of peace, joy and happiness. Though written in a light-hearted manner, this book has the power to totally transform your life. (Mary Elizabeth Coen, International bestselling Irish author Love and the Goddess)