happy-soul-redux-frontHappy Soul – November 2, 2016

(Being re-released in 2018 – new introduction, exercises and updated meditation.)

 HAPPY SOUL “10 Steps to Happiness” Discover 10 steps that will help you become the master of your thoughts and the inspiration to your dreams. Also discover: • Powerful words that can help reshape your thinking • What difference is between ‘faking it until you make it’ and the ‘Act as if’ Principle • What is Right Thinking? • Easy to learn affirmations and prayers • Suggestions on dealing with grief and loss • Find out what your yearly Mini-Purpose is plus other simple steps the reader can easily incorporate to the weekly schedule to inspire a happier life.
This book is filled with exercises, prayers, positive quotes, Biblical scripture, affirmations, plus a 15 minute morning suggestion that can help change the pace of your day.
*How do you find a new story to spin or an upbeat voice encouraging you from within when you are down? *Thanks to my dear Grandma Lula, whom HAPPY SOUL is dedicated to, I discovered ‘positive thinking tips and bits of wisdom’ that ultimately changed the course of my life. HAPPY SOUL is a condensed version of these life lessons applied in simple terms in an easy-to-use book.*Being happy isn’t just a feeling. It’s actually your divine right. You were born to find joy, love and happiness. There is nothing selfish in wanting to feel these emotions either. Think of this book like a tiny tool kit for stormy waters. *After losing a close friend to suicide, my heart searches to expand awareness on life changing habits that can help someone suffering from depression. Depression is a real illness that needs to be addressed and acknowledged. If you suffer from depression, please seek guidance or help.

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MIDWEST REVIEW- LIVE LOVE SOUL  -Synopsis: “Live Love Soul: A Soul’s Guide to Happy” by Machel Shull invites you to explore habits and exercises that can help you discover your own inner joy. Machel shares personal interviews with successful individuals who are achieving their soul’s dream. “Live Love Soul” reveals just what their secrets are and how you can apply their advice to empower your own journey. “Live Love Soul” is dedicated to helping the reader cultivate real self-love, release negative thought patterns, and to live a more balanced, exciting life.

Critique: “Live Love Soul: A Soul’s Guide to Happy” is a riveting read from first page to last. If you only have time to read one self-help book this year, make it Machel Shull’s “Live Love Soul”! Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, content, organization and presentation, “Live Love Soul” is certain to be an enduringly popular addition for community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that “Live Love Soul” is also available in a Kindle edition ($10.69).

LIVE LOVE SOUL A Soul’s Guide to Happy

While some books that come out on the soul seem lofty or esoteric, Machel breaks down how to live with more soul with easy-to-do exercises, advice and reflective study. In the millennium, technology offers us more devices, which can pull  our attention further away from ourselves with finger touch, easy distractions. LIVE LOVE SOUL reminds the reader how to create simple joys, while teaching exercises that help shift negative thought patterns. Also discover inspiring interviews from individuals that share their secrets with Machel on how they have found their own ‘happiness equation in their life.’ Find out why living a more intimate life should be the most important journey of all. LIVE LOVE SOUL will be released in the spring of  2015 by Ayni Books in the UK and in the U.S.

Middle Age Beauty

Inspire your weekly routine by finding out tips and easy tricks to feeling and looking great. While society, ads and plastic surgeons to even your friends might have you feeling ‘middle-aged,’ This book reveals the ‘beauty trinity’ that is key to unleashing your vibrant, and beautiful true ‘self.’
Written in a memoir style by sharing her own personal struggles as a woman, Middle Age Beauty is a book many will want to read, share and find inspiration that they can apply to their own personal growth and discovery. You will read personal interviews top experts in the world of health, soul, beauty and holistic healing that share their advice on important actions one can take to enhance, heath and connect deeper with ones wishes and dreams. Find out WHY to avoid BOTOX and avoid the popular trends that promote face fillers as a glamorous option to combat wrinkles. She uncovers the hidden dangers and facts that you should know before ever injecting your face with a foreign substance.
You will also uncover the ‘Three Dos’ that all women should follow in order to stay in sync with their health, beauty, and soul. In a world that is encouraging women to feel insecure about their looks and age, “Middle Age Beauty” promotes and empowers women to embrace their natural self first by seeking a more soulful, meaningful experience.



HARD KNOCKS, EASY ANSWERS “How to Win at Life” is the second book in the trilogy of Happy Series books, release winter 2018. Hard Knock? Nohard-knocks-easy-answers-3 problem? condensing an easier to use version with written out examples of hard knocks that can come our way, each chapter – has the easy answer – given right away in a one paragraph form, then expanded upon for one chapter to go into  more examples of details so the reader can understand full how to apply this book to their own life.

I am writing this book right now and am loving it! I can’t wait to share it with you.

My overall goal with each book is to inspire the reader to be a powerhouse in their own world and realize anything is possible and to keep dreaming, always!