Machel Shull, Author
Bestselling Author of MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY.

Bestselling Author Machel Shull has been featured in the New York Post, Daily UKMail, World Beauty NewsMind Body Green, Destiny and Spirit Magazine, and Wisdom Magazine. She is a inspirational author that writes books to encourage the reader to live a healthier and happier life by focusing on cultivating inner soul love, healthier daily habits in everyday ordinary life.

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Some say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” With Machel, what you’ll find is that what’s soul deep on the inside is just as beautiful as the cover. Read on and see for yourself. And most importantly, let Machel inspire you to reach inward to be the superhero of your own story.”~ Michiko Jane Rolek, author, teacher, lecturer and life coach

“Machel’s beautiful, honest and easy-to-use guide shows you exact steps to infuse happiness into your daily life. Machel proves you don’t have to go to India and sit on a mountaintop somewhere to find your bliss. You can find it right here, right now. Her book is an invaluable resource for women ready to reclaim their happy! ~Rosemond Perdue Cranner, Former Entertainment Executive, Producer of Web Content The Discovery Channel, HGTV, MTV and Animal Planet

“Machel has written a very liberating book which acts as a roadmap for tapping into the wellspring of peace, joy and happiness. Though written in a light-hearted manner, this book has the power to totally transform your life.” ~Mary Elizabeth Coen, International bestselling Irish author Love and the Goddess

Featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine in March 2015 along with Christiane Northrup on tips for women's health and self-care.
Featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine in March 2015.

MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY, Released on December 13, gained worldwide press for its anti-plastic surgery approach for women and men. Featured Machel-Shull-BESTSELLING-AUTHOR-CHINAin the NY Post and in The Daily Mail UK and Beauty World News, MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY hit #2 on hot new releases on Amazon US, UK and top #25 bestseller in France. In the UK, Middle Age Beauty hit the top #20 spot on UK PAPERBACK in its first week of being published.

Tulum, Mexico: Machel Shull shares inside secrets on traveling to Tulum, Mexico
Bestselling Author Machel Shull in Tulum, Mexico

*Foreign rights have sold in China, then becoming a #1 Bestselling book in China on Amazon. 

In a world that is encouraging women to feel insecure about their looks and age, MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY empowers women to embrace their natural self first by seeking a more soulful and meaningful experience. You can buy now at: Amazon.comBarnes & NobleIndie BoundPowell Books, and KINDLE. Kindle is only $4.39.

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“I am adding MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY to my selected few bedside books. With Machel’s light to guide us home to our true beautiful selves, we can celebrate being the hero of our own story.” –M.J. Rolek  Zen Life Coach and author of Mental Fitness, Complete workouts for Mind, Body and Soul.

“Machel Shull has compiled a treasure of secrets, insights and practical tips that are both inspiring and instructional. She has artfully drawn from her experience, wisdom, gift of writing, and most of all courage, to create the valuable gift that is a must-read for middle-aged women who have ever questioned their true beauty.” –Dr. Anthony F. Smith, co-founder and Managing Director of Leadership Research Institute, Bestselling Author and Professor of Leadership.

MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY is wise and kind and deep, and invites the reader to see herself in the most loving and gentle of ways. Machel Shull writes from the heart, sharing her own journey with great generosity. Anyone seeking health and inner peace will love this book. –Luanne Rice #1 New York Times bestselling author